Turbine Flats to sponsor/participates in Ignite Lincoln once again!!!

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It’s getting near the end of January and that means its time for Ignite Lincoln once again! For the uninitiated, Ignite Lincoln is a free annual event where Lincoln’s greatest minds get five minutes and twenty slides to talk about any subject they can think of.

Throw a good sized rock anytime there’s something positive, dynamic or creative going on in Lincoln and you’re likely to hit someone from Turbine Flats.   So it probably won’t shock anyone to learn that the Turbine folks are in on this little gathering too.

Both ISoft Data and Turbine Flats are “gold sponsors” of the event.   Turbine Flat’s own resident robotics scientist/entrepreneur will be one of Ignite’s 16 presenters this year.  Shane Farritor, a former NASA and MIT and current University of Nebraska-Lincoln robotics scientist just recently wrapped up a series of innovation seminars hosted by UNL and Nebraska Educational Telecommunications.

Farritor’s five minutes will be used to tell people how they can get more creative.  So if you want to know how to get more creative, or perhaps learn how to turn a headwind into a tailwind or how to take great pictures with any camera, get down to the Bourbon Theatre at 7:00 pm, Thursday, Jan. 26, and support creativity and self expression in Lincoln.

Matthew Wegener at last year's Ignite Lincoln.

Does anybody have any idea who would sponsor an event about creative leadership and freedom of expression in Lincoln? Me neither.

No pressure speakers, it's not like a lot of people are watching.

Really, no pressure whatsoever ...

Justin McDowell gets things kicked off.

Shane Farritor wants you to get creative so bad he's willing to bribe you with pens just like the one he's pointing at on the screen. Farritor gave the pens away after the event on Thursday.

Jane Garrity elegantly articulates her case for start-up visas

The Colonel Mustard Amature Theatre Company was pretty entertaining. Check out the expression on the face of the guy in the top hat and scarf, can't put a price on that.

Justin McDowell thanks Matthew Wegener for his generous sponsorship of the event.

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