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ISoft and Presage: making the world a safer place to eat

Tim Duey | July 30, 2012 in Media,News,Tenant: ISoft Data Systems | Comments (0)

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Good news everyone! ISoft Data Systems is growing!  They’ve now deepened their partnership with Presage Analytics, a company that makes microbial tracking software.  Presage began when two  University of Nebraska-Lincoln professors, Jeyamkondan Subbiah and Harshavardhan

Thippareddi, invented a way to better track contaminants in food processing plants.

The two professors knew they needed more than just great science to succeed though.  They needed a great partner with the skills and infrastructure necessary to build and market a scalable product. With the help of NUtech Ventures, a university affiliated non-profit, Presage finally settled on Turbine Flats’ very own ISoft Data Systems as just such a partner, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Brian Roy and ISoft bring Turbine Flats techno know-how to students

Tim Duey | January 25, 2012 in Media,Tenant: ISoft Data Systems,education | Comments (0)

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Turbine Flats is an exciting place to visit for anyone who is creative or technologically savvy.  It is stacked with web designers, software engineers and robotics scientists.  Basically it’s like Willy Wonka’s  chocolate factory but with talent and technology instead of candy.

So when Steve Shotkoski wanted to learn about network and computer security in an office setting for his INFO 1023 class at Metropolitan Community College, he knew just what to do.   He placed a call through to his friend, and erstwhile ISoft Systems Administrator Brian Roy, and not only scored a tour of Turbine Flats for himself but brought his classmates along for the ride too.

The tour consisted of a journey around the Flats to check out all of the interesting people and businesses the building has to offer and ended in the server vault before a question and answer session where Roy answered any questions the students had for him.

Knowledge was dropped, good times were had, and Brian Roy provided just one more example of how Turbine Flats is fostering innovation, education and entrepreneurship every day.

Turbine Flats Social Serves Up Martinis and Memories

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Turbine Flats employees and tenants from all over the building turned their attention from changing the world to mixing martinis Friday evening at the Turbine Flats Martini Social.

The event featured a martini mix-off with eight competing teams of amateur mixologists serving up an eclectic mix of martinis to a packed house of co-workers and their guests.

The martinis ranged from a classic 007 Vodka and Vermouth offering served up by Isoft Data Systems’ Matthew Wegener to the more unorthodox Devil’s Milk martinis poured out by Play Creative’s Aaron Petersen.

In the end it was John Rood from Nebraska Digital and his Chocolate Nuts and Berries martini that stole the show by narrowly edging out Colby Thomson of Allied Strategy and his Leninade cucumber lemonade martini in the vote count.  Congratulations John, for being the inaugural champion of the Turbine Flats Martini Competition.

The Turbine Flats gang having a good time at Play Creative.

Patrick Adams and John Stavick lounge and chat over breakfast martinis.

Allied Strategy's Colby Thomson and the world's greatest flask.

Nebraska Digital's John Rood demonstrating how to make a chocolate nuts and berries martini to Emily Lowell and Aaron and Michelle Holmberg.

Brian Roy slaps together a delicious pomegranate martini.

Isoft Data Systems' Mattew Wegener shows off his setup.


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.

Annual Crawfish Boil and June Social

Kevin Hagemoser | June 6, 2011 in Events,Tenant: ISoft Data Systems,Tenant: Middle Cut Spirits | Comments (0)

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The second Annual Crawfish Boil (aka ACB) hosted by ISoft Data Systems and Matthew Wegener took place this past Friday- June 3rd.

Tasty crawfish ready to enjoy - thanks to the cook Mr. Wegener

The ACB coincided with the June Turbine Flats Social, as usual a Host Tenant – in this case Middle Cut Spirits’ Mark Thomas discussed how the unfinished space we were standing in would soon become the home to his small batch distillery firm.

Mark Thomas of Middle Cut Spirits

This Social also included an Entrepreneurial Guest from Nebraska’s entrepreneurial ecosystem – Aaron Holmberg who discussed his interests in manufacturing brewing equipment for the home brewer going above and beyond the simple buckets and hops strategy your grandpa uses to make that swill he keeps trying to trade you for a sixer of Budlight.

Aaron Holmberg – thanks for the 3 kegs of small batch beer they were delicious.

3 Kegs from Aaron Holmberg and 1 Keg from Ryan Cairns

April Social: Recap for Isoft Data and

Kevin Hagemoser | April 29, 2011 in Events,Tenant: ISoft Data Systems | Comments (0)

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April saw Turbine Flats’ Host Tenant Isoft Data Systems‘ Jake Dunworth and Tony Merritt present the interesting and cool new features, why those are important to their customers on a new web property that enables their clients to buy items on-line when they previously were not able to do so. began in March operating as a buying and selling destination on the web for commercial trucking parts and entire commercial vehicles in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Nick Barry with

The Entrepreneurial Guest for April’s Social was a creative entrepreneur, Nick Barry from  Nick spoke about the recent launch of the site after proven success of the sister site   Melted Joystick is described as a place to “Add your gamer profile (PS3, Wii, XBOX 360), create and share game lists, write and share video game reviews, discuss game news, meet like minded gamers, get points for participating on the site…and become the ultimate GAME GOD!”  The tag line says it all – The most complete video game social network.

Mistified Turbine Flats Social participants hear about cool stuff whilst enjoying snacks and beverages.

Turbine Flats June Social & Founders’ Forum

Kevin Hagemoser | June 21, 2010 in Events,Tenant: ISoft Data Systems | Comments (0)




vb -nobs-nobbing-nobbed

1. to socialize or talk informally

Thursday night found tenants and founders alike, gathered in the TFP commons. ISoft Data Systems gave a brief rundown of the current happenings in their firm. Brian Roy demonstrated and explained a piece of online auction software, followed by Brad Moore showcasing his work on the company wiki. Afterwards, the hobnobbing began! This was the first of what will become a monthly gathering here at the Turbine Flats Project.

Catching up.

Amos | October 13, 2009 in Events,Tenant: ISoft Data Systems | Comments (0)

I’m going to post a couple of past events just to let people know what’s been going on down at the Flats in the last few months.  This should give everyone an idea of what has been keeping us so busy for the last year.
To begin, our very own ISoft Data Systems hosted their annual User’s Conference.  The conference is a fun and informative gathering where customers and potential customers can network and grill us about our product as well as get advanced training for our ITrack line of software.

ISoft crew and customers get down to business in our mind-blowing conference room. Like, really down.