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PLAY Creative hosts second First Friday exhibition

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Turbine Flats tenant PLAY Creative will host its second of three planned First Friday art exhibitions this Friday Nov. 2, from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The event will feature the artwork of Sara Kovanda and will have a full bar, house music and snacks.

Kovanda is an accomplished musician in addition to being an accomplished painter. She played with Matthew Sweet in the new wave and 1960′s influenced Lincoln cover band, The Specs, before leaving to join The Click.  According to Kovanda’s Redbubble profile, music is so much of an influence on her work that she thinks of her paintings as songs. Her IamShaman profile describes her work as featuring many levels of rhythm, chaos, subtle order, sound and emotion.

It’s Rock-a-tini time!

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The time has come. Let the Straight Up Rock-a-tini Turbine Flats Martini Contest commence. Ten teams, two people per team, one champion.

The pouring starts at 4:00 pm and martinis will be sampled at 5:00 pm with entertainment provided by DJ Ol’ Moaning Corpse and free snacks courtesy of Turbine Flats. The winning team will be crowned Supreme Prime Mixer Bonito Martini and choose which non profit will receive all tips donated at the event.

Skate For Change and Husker SAE teams headline September social, Play Creative follows with art show

Tim Duey | October 22, 2012 in Events,Husker Motorsports,Husker Racing,Media,News | Comments (0)

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The last Turbine Flats Social was really something.   It was more than just a great time, the social was a chance to get to know some really cool people who are doing inspiring things in Lincoln while eating great local food made by Marcus Rekart from Duggan’s pub and drinking great local beer from Empyrean Brewing Co.

The speakers consisted of Mike Smith from Skate for Change and the University of Nebraska’s two Husker Motorsports racing teams, Baja, and Formula.  Smith, gave a talk about Skate for Change and the good it does for the city of Lincoln and its youth.  He gave a similar talk at TEDx Omaha, Sept. 17, watch for the video to be posted on later this week.

Smith also let us know that he will be moving into the neighborhood! Smith’s new 25,000 square foot skate park facility, The Bay, will be opening its doors to the world at 2005 Y Street Saturday, Oct. 27, at 10:30 am.

The state-of-the-art skate park will offer a positive environment for Lincoln’s young skaters to enjoy great skating without fear of police harassment or the need to destroy property to find a decent place to skate.  The grand opening will also feature professional skateboarder Ryan Sheckler’s presentation of a $10,000 check to Smith for sinking a 65-foot putt in Ryan Sheckler’s 5th Annual Celebrity Golf Tournament that took place earlier this summer.  Fellow professional skater Felipe Gustavo will also be in attendance and there will be a twitter contest at #RedBullSFC.  The person with the best picture of their making a difference in the community will receive a free Skate for Change skateboard signed by Sheckler and Gustavo.  Sheckler and Gustavo will also skate with locals before judging a 12:30 pm trick contest.  The trick contest will be followed by a red-bull sponsored tailgate party during the Nebraska football game.

The host speakers for the event were the University of Nebraska Lincoln’s engineering and racing teams.  They showed off the built-from-scratch baja and formula race cars that they are working on in Turbine Flats and talked about everything that goes into building them.  They also showed the audience of 50+ people videos of their SAE racing competitions and some of the grueling events that make them up.  The events, they explained, are much more than just races.  They are designed as engineering builds to be pitched to car companies, and the experience these young engineers gain in the process is priceless to them as they go out into the workplace to find jobs and make an impact on the automotive industry.

PLAY Creative’s Design‘s First Friday art show followed the two speakers.  The exhibition featured the prints of Aaron Petersen and gave viewers the chance to get to know and appreciate the depth of the PLAY Creative co-owner’s artistic talent.  From intricate patterns, to a heavily armed Little Red Riding Hood, to exploring Krampus, the forgotten negative side of the Christmas tradition, Petersen’s arts show was both thought provoking and fun. It was a fitting end to another evening of culture and community engagement at Turbine Flats.

PLAY Creative to host First Friday exhibition

Tim Duey | September 28, 2012 in Events,Media,News,Tenant: Play Creative | Comments (0)

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First Friday is always a very fun and positive event.  After all what could be better than free food, beverages and a lot of great people coming out to support the Lincoln art community?

So naturally, it was only a matter of time before a Turbine Flats connection emerged.   Turbine Flats’ Aaron Petersen is going to host his very own First Friday art exhibition in the building!  Proof once again that all things cool in Lincoln have something to do with Turbine Flats.  Petersen, who is co-owner/creative director of Turbine Flats based PLAY Creative, has been wanting to host an exhibition ever since he moved to Lincoln from Des Moines, Iowa.

Friday October  5th from 5:00pm – 8:00pm Petersen will host the art show in the PLAY  Creative office in Turbine Flats’ west wing.  Guests should enter through the parking lot via the building’s west door for ease of access.  There will be paintings, there will be prints, and yes, there will also be pints.  Peterson will be showcasing his own work at the show but also has exhibitions planned for November and December featuring the art of Sara Kovanda and Ashley Spitsnogle respectively.

Ground Fluor Pharmaceuticals and Gongs Unlimited to present at June Turbine Flats Social

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Stephen DiMagno of Ground Fluor Pharmaceuticals will host the next Turbine Flats Social Thursday, June 14 at 4:30 p.m.  DiMagno will be talking about his company and how it has been able to successfully access federal funding as a startup.  Ground Fluor is a biomedical company that develops proprietary chemicals for use in Positron Emitting Tomography (PET) imaging.

Andrew Borakove of Gongs Unlimited will be the entrepreneurial guest.   Borakove will be talking about the healing properties possessed by the sonic frequencies of gongs followed by a gong healing session for audience members.  Gongs Unlimited is a Lincoln, Neb. based international gong distribution company that has been featured in the Omaha World Herald and The Wall Street Journal, and also on National Public Radio.

Zoinks! Like why is the mystery machine parked in front of Turbine Flats? Because that's how Gongs Unlimited rolls.

What goes great with a Scooby Doo loving gong company? Well, how about some brains.

Dr. Stephen DiMagno of Ground Fluor Pharmaceuticals took the floor first.

Four out of five zombies present agreed that Dr. DiMagno's brain scan slides were riveting.

The humans in the audience agreed as well.

Andrew Borakove and the crew from Gongs Unlimited were up next.

Roger Holmes bravely volunteered for a gong healing session and was rewarded with good vibrations.

The gong healing session went so well that an encore was in order.

After the social presenters and attendees alike socialized and enjoyed refreshments. Borakove and Digmagno are pictured here presumably complimenting one another on how brilliant and creative their presentations were.

Annual Crawfish Boil and May Social

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Anyone who likes tons of free food to go along with beverages and video games played on state of the art equipment should continue reading this post.  Anyone else should go visit Dr. Farritor over at Virtual Incision to have their circuits checked, for they are most likely robots.  That’s right!  It’s time once again for the annual crawfish boil and everyone is invited.  The event will take place, May the fourth at 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.  So, May the fourth be with you

Boil master Matthew Wegener of ISoft Data Systems will be serving up 120 plus pounds of crawfish boiled and mixed with corn on the cob, potatoes and creole spices until awesome.  Emily Lowell will provide home made corn bread to kick the event up another notch.  It should be the best party this side of Louisiana so don’t miss out!

The boil will also be a great opportunity to check out the newly installed 7.2 surround sound high def 3-D projector in the conference room.  Anyone who can wrestle a guitar to themselves will have the opportunity to rock, like a hurricane, the cradle of love or even the casbah, the choice of rocking will pretty much be up to them.

The food arrives, no complaints to about the freshness.

Hi there crawfish! You look delicious.

This is what a crawfish boil looks like.

Prof. Jeyam Subbiah draws a bead on the ball while playing ping pong with a colleague before the food is served.

Some people decided to kill time by touring the new Allied Strategy offices in the west wing of the building.

Some people chose to honor Star Wars Day upstairs.

Philip Rogers and Isaiah Lohman shoot pool and the breeze up in the new west wing PLAY Creative office.

The mystery machine even showed up ...

and it was carrying gongs!

But when the food was served ...

every body knew where to be.

Mission accomplished, crawfish annihilated, time to go home.

Play Creative and Signature Bindery to present at March Turbine Flats Social

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Jordan Schmidt of Play Creative will host the next Turbine Flats Social Thursday, March 22 at 4:30 p.m.  Schmidt will be talking about the process of organizing the information and copy writing that went into a binder made for Perry Reid Properties that Play Creative submitted for the 2012 NAA Education Conference & Exposition.  Play Creative is a Design firm specializing in print, web and branding campaigns.

Kevin Oliver of Signature Bindery will be the entrepreneurial guest.  Oliver will be talking about Signature Bindery’s roll in building the Perry Reid binder as well as giving extra examples of work and projects by Signature Bindery.  Signature Bindery specializes in traditional book binding.

Oliver learned traditional style binding from master binder in Cornwall, England, and provides restoration, design binding and vellum binding services in addition to working on special projects like hand made telescopes, meerschaum pipe cases and leather desk tops.

Play Creative's Aaron Peterson, ISoft Data System's Matthew Wegener and Signature Bindary's Kevin Oliver get together before the Social begins.

Anyone up for some 'za?

The illustrious binder.

Pizza, beer and smart people collide.

Everybody say hi to the new guy!

Kevin Hagemoser introduces Aaron Peterson and Adam Lohman from Play Creative.

Aaron shows off the binder.

The case for the binder as displayed during Play Creative's presentation.

So, how exactly does one make an awesome binder case? Well, adding a secret compartment for your mojito ingredients is a good start.

Kevin Hagemoser introduces Kevin Oliver from Signature Bindery.

Kevin Oliver blew everyone away with his presentation on binding, rare books and history.

Delighted guests chat with Oliver after the presentations are over.

People socialize and finish their pizza and beer before going home after another great Turbine Flats Social.

Presage and Agilx to present at February Turbine Flats Social

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Tony Merritt and Dillon Sadofsky of Presage will host the next Turbine Flats Social Friday, Feb. 17, at 4:30 p.m.   Merrit and Sadofsky will be talking about the research and discovery into the food industry that was necessary to build software for Presage.  Presage was formed by University of Nebraska-Lincoln researchers Harshavardhan Thippareddi and Jeyamkondan Subbiah to track quality and bacteria sampling for the food processing and production industry.

Dustin Clonch and Jacob McElroy of Agilx will be the entrepreneurial guests.  Clonch and McElroy will be discussing Whitehat Exchange, a project they are working on at Agilx currently in its beta stage.  Whitehat exchange is designed to facilitate bid solicitation and bid management between companies and their sub-contractor networks.  Aglix creates long term relationships with clients looking to invest in the automation of process through custom application development and provides innovative solutions for meeting specific business objectives as legacy applications and infrastructure fail to support a company’s continued growth and innovation.

The hosts from Presage Analytics and the guests from Agilx relax and socialize before the presentation.

Dayton and Emily Lowell arrive with Cane's Chicken Fingers. "Always Fresh."

Kevin Hagemoser calls the meeting to order.

Tony Merritt and Dillon Sadofsky take the stage.

Tony Merritt talks the crowd through the finer points of Presage Analytics.

The crowd at Turbine looks on in interest.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln bioinformatics specialist John Wise asks Dillon Sadofsky about Presage Analytics and it's microbial tracking system.

After the Presage Analytics presentation there was thoughtful discussion during the intermission.

There was also time to eat some free Raising Cane's chicken fingers.

As always, there was time to enjoy a free microbrew beer as well.

Then it was time for Dustin Clonch and Jacob McElroy to tell us all about Agilx.

After an afternoon of great ideas, great food and great beer the presenters and their guests mingled a while longer then dispersed back to their respective bastions of productivity.

Honest Policy and Vestn to present at January Turbine Flats Social

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Grant Horejsi of Honest Policy will host the next Turbine Flats Social Thursday, Jan. 19, at 4:30 p.m.  Horejsi will be giving attendees a sneak peek of the Honest Policy website.  Honest Policy is designed to be a transparent marketplace for insurance.  After the presentation there will be a brief demo of the honest policy carrier page where users of the site can find reviews, quality ratings, financial stability information and more on each carrier.  There will be a question and answer session following the presentation.

Brian Cary of Vestn will be the entrepreneurial guest.  Cary will be talking about his company as well as giving a demo of the Vestn Profile Beta release and discussing the company’s business strategy.  Vestn seeks to fundamentally change the way job seekers express their talents and abilities to potential employers in addition to providing companies with a new and unique service for connecting with young talent.

Jeff Runyan and Grant Horejsi make the final preparations before unveiling honest policy to the entrepreneurs in attendence.

Brendan Evans introduces Grant and the festivities begin!

Grant gives a demo of some of the features Honest Policy has to offer.

The crowd of entrepreneurs and assorted smart people listens intently.

Now it's Brian Cary's turn to show off Vestn.

The presentation goes over well with the Turbine crowd.

Of course, feeding the masses always makes it easier to appease them.

After the presentation Brian holds court on his end of the room.

Grant fields questions on the other side.

Perhaps the most important lesson learned today is that the beer is free ...

Reindeer Games 3

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It’s time for holiday cheer once again and Turbine Flats will be making its contribution to seasonal jolliness Dec. 16 with Reindeer Games 3, this years’ installment of the Turbine Flats Christmas party.

There will be delicious holiday appetizers and adult beverages provided courtesy of Turbine Flats and its residents, as well as Rock Band, vintage arcade games, ping pong and pool.

The party will be open to any and all guests. Doors open at 4:30 pm so bring a friend and some Christmas spirit to share with “the merriest bunch of PEOPLE this side of the nut house.”

Why are Turbine Flat's christmas parties awesome? Because they have baclava.

also ... beer

Vaden Hellerich serves up some of his famous smoked brisket.

Fine cheeses were to be had as well.

Turbine Flats guests partake of the awesomeness of the fine cheese spread combined with the uber-awesomeness of smoked brisket.

What Turbine Flats party would be complete without a little Holmbrew? Aaron Holmberg holds up a glass of his HolmPA microbrew, which is a combination between a Pale Ale and an IPA.

Great food + great beer = great party

The sophisticated side of the Turbine Flats gathering.

Warning: asteroids can be extremely addictive.

Ping pong intimidation

Kevin Hagemoser in the process of pwning Tim Duey 11-1 in a game of ping pong.